For over 30 years, Domintell has been the specialist of smart buildings management systems development. From the design of all our softwares to the production of our own electronical products to a daily support service for all our equipments, Domintell is unique in how we master our whole value-chain.

Around 10, 000 installations, in over 35 countries, run with with the Domintell technology. To the great satisfaction of our customers, our technology has always proven to be perfectly stable, most of our original systems being still running today. Moreover, we have always made sure that our systems remain upgradeable.

Domintell is well-known for its system simplicity, as much regarding its configuration during the installation as its daily use. Despite being user-friendly, our system remains of high permormance.

Its technology is suitable for the uses of individuals as much as the professional ones. It has numerous applications: highly sofisticated houses, hotels, offices, factories etc. And that for all budgets.

Safety, energy savings, autonomy of people, internet of things, mobile app... The number of features covered by the Domintell system keeps growing, in order to keep up with the latest innovations in our field.

Welcome to the Smart Living Experience by Domintell