Introducing the DNET 01

Monday, January 22nd

Domintell is proud to introduce you to the latest innovation of our home automation range: the DNET01.

Combining the features of the DETH02 and DETH03, which allowed you to control an installation from your house or from the outside on a mobile device and to customize the actions of your buttons, the DNET01 expands your possiblities. Also, meanwhile the DETH02 only allowed a single access to the Domintell system, the DNET01 grants simultaneous communications to your installation so that your whole family could control it at will.

Moreover, thanks to the DNET01 it is now possible to control an installation from anywhere with a communication that is perfectly stable, reliable and secured by ones of today’s safest encryption systems. A Domintell system featuring a DNET01 is now even more user-friendly. In most cases, it configures the modem by itself and allows you to keep an eye on the performances of your installation (triggered actions, heating performance etc.) and to save all the events in a log. Thoses events being later analyzable for better consumption purposes.

About the DNET01

The DNET01 is available now!

Technical recap

- Up to 8 simultaneous communications

- Stable, reliable and secure connection

- Installation performance monitoring

- Upgradable module

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