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Report by Ms V.- Geraardsbergen

My husband and I were always convinced of the benefits of house automation. We wanted to actively save on energy, and use a simple system to control our lighting, heating, ventilation and shutters. The feeling of security also played a part in our decision.

Major benefit: when we go out or when we go to bed, we no longer have to dash around the house checking on things. House automation, via a centralised screen, does it all for us. When we go to bed, the house goes into "Sleep" mode: the heating is turned down a few degrees, the lights in the house switch off, the light in the bedroom stays on low for a while then gently fades out.

Plus, if the music system is on, it too fades gradually and then switches off after a few minutes. Some electrical sockets are also disabled, such as the electric cooker, iron, integrated deep fryer, external sockets, etc. In the morning, on weekdays only, we wake to soft music and a gradual increase in light (Dawn Simulator).

For burglary prevention when we are away, we select "Absence" mode on our control screen. We can choose between a number of different scenarios. If it's dark outside, the lights switch off after a few minutes. The room where we set Absence mode stays lit, to give us enough time to pick up our keys. The system then knows that we are away from the house. When night falls, Presence Simulation kicks in!

The way the shutters work is incredibly useful. On weekdays they automatically open when the sun is there, but never before 7 am. At weekends it's 8.00 in the morning. And in the evenings they close at sunset, but never before 7 pm. The shutters are also programmed separately so that, while we are away, they simulate our presence. When we stay out late, we disable the morning shutter automation so that we can sleep in a bit longer...

Why did we choose Domintell? The decision was a quick one. I found that I was pleasantly surprised by Domintell's design features. Whereas my husband was delighted with the system's simplicity and performance. Plus, the software and upgrades are free. When we made price comparisons with other brands, we found that for the same price we had many more options with Domintell than with other brands. We quickly realised that we were onto a good thing with Domintell.

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