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Kortenaken 2013

­ What are the benefits of home automation  with Domintell?
The Domintell system is very clear in how its modules operate. It is therefore easy for the customer / user to understand and use this home automation solution. No extensive technical knowledge is required to choose the modules you need or desire for your project. As a fan of Apple products, I was pleasantly surprised to see that Domintell has directly followed the mobile revolution with the release of its "Domintell Remote" app.

Why Domintell and not another brand?
When the structural work was completed, I compared several home automation systems. I came to the conclusion that Domintell was the most appropriate for my needs and desires. What I liked in particular was how I could manage the system by myself in the future. What's more, one of my best friends (Pierre Allard, Geetbets) had the same experience in his building project. He came to the same conclusion…

Such positive feedback about your system further influenced my decision. The customer service and professional, tailored support also deserve special mention.

What part of the system are you most proud of?
I am very proud to have successfully installed the Domintell system with my father, an industrial electrician. The home automation system is modular in design. At the beginning, we bought and installed the basic modules (BIR, dimmers, etc.). As we added the finishing touches to the house, we added new modules (shutters and Ethernet modules). From the outset, we had taken into account this desire to expand. At present, the house is fitted with almost every home automation feature (over and above the videophone…).

When friends come to the house, what is their reaction if they've never seen home automation before?
When they see the home automation features with their own eyes, everyone reacts positively and enthusiastically. Sometimes it amazes them, when I control something with the iPhone for example. I think there is often a distorted view of home automation (home automation = expensive). People change their mind as soon as they see the flexibility, ease of use and efficiency of the system. For example, energy consumption can be lowered by automatically switching equipment not in use to standby mode.

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