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Gooik (Belgium)

As a disabled person, I was looking for solutions that would give me greater independence. That's when I discovered home automation. For me, the most important thing is the sheer range of control options.

I can use a touch-sensitive keypad to control my curtains, lights, shutters and heating. After just a few attempts, I can now programme my own settings on my computer. I also find Domintell's technical experts very reassuring as they're always available to help. Whether I have a simple question or want to ask something while they're on site, they always go that extra mile to deliver quick and effective solutions.

I'm planning to add the videophone (DVIP01) to my system, and to connect my alarm to the Domintell system.

I knew I would have to equip my home with these automated systems before it was built. I got lots of quotes and proposals for different home automation systems, but Domintell was the only system that offered a genuinely customised solution. The other systems failed to meet my exact requirements.

When people come to my house, they take a genuine interest in my home automation system. But they're also a bit suspicious about it. They question its long-term reliability and think that these types of installation are really expensive. These are outdated preconceptions.

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