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Using the Astronomical Clock

Monday, 3 September 2012

The Astronomical Clock function is available for all Domintell modules. The system calculates sunrise and sunset based on the current date and geographical location of your home. The Domintell system doesn't– just include one clock, but over a hundred so that you can programme lots of useful functions such as automatic watering of plants in your garden at sunset, since it's best to water at the end of the day, with variable time periods regulated by a moisture sensor that can detect rainfall.

Another function the Astronomical Clock can be used to control is your pond or swimming pool filter. Algae in your pond or pool water develop in the presence of light and more particularly due to the sun's UV rays. An Astronomical Clock lets you optimise filtration time.

Opening and closing shutters. All the shutters in your home automatically open at sunrise and close at sunset. Naturally you can disable this function at the press of a button. It would be a shame to be shut out in your garden when you're having a barbecue with friends.

Ventilation time control. The air is usually warmer when the sun is out. By programming ventilation times for your home during the day, you can increase the performance of your air exchanger since incoming air is not as cold as during the night.

Outside lighting. The Astronomical Clock lets you automatically switch on and off any LED lighting outside the house. Each evening, with a half hour delay in relation to sunset, your LED lights come on. The next day, 30 minutes before sunrise, the LEDs automatically go off. This function enhances your home in terms of both prestige and security. And it's very useful when you return home at night.

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