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Guidance for use: Replace your IR remote controls with the DIREMIT01 from Domintell.

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

The DIREMIT01 is Domintell's "universal infrared remote control". The module is capable of learning the infrared codes of standard appliances. These codes are then transmitted on demand, based on programming in the Domintell2 software. It is also possible to configure a sequence of codes, separated by pauses.

Yves De M.

I can change from the TV atmosphere to the cinema atmosphere using the switch in my living room. The software takes care of everything. It turns the TV off, switches the projector on and changes the home cinema auxiliary input. (...) When my neighbours were burgled, I decided to link the DIREMIT01 to my alarm contact. If an intruder enters my home, the film Home Alone 2 comes on.

Eric and Jeanne

We wanted to be able to listen to music in the bath but we weren't able to install the DAMPLI01 module. So we placed the DIREMIT01 in the suspended ceiling. The only thing you can see is the transmitter. It's very discreet. The software switches on the Hi-Fi when we enter the room. It's linked to a movement sensor, so it avoids having to get a remote control wet.

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