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Guidance for use: home automation 'atmospheres'

Wednesday, 17 April 2013
Configurating atmosphere with home automation

The 'atmosphere' of a place has long been seen as an important factor. The atmosphere within each room is carefully considered from the outset whenever a new building is designed. This notion of 'atmosphere' overlaps the work of both architects and Feng Shui experts. The atmosphere of a room is the result of a combination of elements, such as the colour of the walls and the types of material used. Yet it is also influenced by the 'variables' within a room, such as the lights, shutters, music and television. These elements are capable of creating active atmospheres. As such, the home automation 'atmosphere' is able to adapt to different uses of the same room.

Jeff is a young business owner. His company's offices are equipped with Domintell systems.

We like to create different atmospheres in the meeting room. We can change the atmosphere to suit the type of meeting. These atmospheres manage the lighting, the projector, the projector screen and the wall hangings. So we can set a different atmosphere for each meeting.

The 'home cinema' atmosphere in Steve's living room means he never misses kick-off when his favourite team is playing. He can set the home cinema atmosphere at the push of a button. The dimmers are lowered to 20% brightness over the course of 5 minutes. The projector screen descends and the projector and home cinema system are powered up, via the home automation infrared transmitter module (DIREMIT01). “We upgraded our basic home automation system when we extended the living room and the terrace. My wife wanted a 'cocoon' atmosphere in the new part of the house, and I wanted somewhere I could impress my friends. If I know people are coming round to the house, I can trigger the 'sport' atmosphere remotely.”

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