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De Smartphone-module (iOS & Androïd)

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

From New York or at home?

Connection to the Domintell interface (reference DETH02) is via the Wi-Fi network in your home. And via the GPRS network when you are not at home, whether at work, at the seaside or in New York.

And what if my Domintell system is old?

No worries, your Domintell need never be outmoded! You can get a free upgrade of the current version to your system's central unit and incorporate the interface in your configuration.
For more information our Technical Support is there to help you. What a great idea for a gift to complete your system and give you even more comfort! 

How to get this module?

Domintell facilities are flexible and scalable. Contact your electrician, he will directly obtain all informations about Domintell DETH02 module and how to install it.

User experiences

This module is proving to be a great success with our customers. Today it is a part of virtually all the new Domintell systems. User reports are quite enthusiastic. Joanna often travels. With her Domintell app on her iPhone, she can choose to remotely put her home in "Absence" or "Automatic" mode. She can then be sure there will be no problems. Romain admits he's absent-minded, especially when he leaves home the day after a long evening. "I'm not fully awake, and because I'm in a hurry I always forget a light." Via his phone's GPRS he can disable the electrical circuits and lighting in his apartment with the press of a button. "As well as these very convenient functions, it's great to be able to open my shutters or switch on the music system in my apartment using my iPhone. I admit it, on this last point I'm a bit of a gadget freak."

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