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Monday, 12 January 2015
DALI interface - Domintell Domotica
Capacity: 64 DALI devices available
DALI compatible protocol:
   - Type 0 (Fluorescent Lamps)
   - Type 6 (LED)

Examples of brands which resell compatible DALI devices: Philips, Osram, Lighting Bel, ETAP, DeltaLight ...



The last new Domintell interface is the DINTDALI01. It is the link between the home automation BUS of Domintell and devices on a DALI (Digital Addressable Lighting Interface) BUS. Domintell currently supports DALI protocol types 0 (Fluorescent Lamps => Device Type 0) and 6 (LED modules => Device type 6). Up to 64 DALI channels are managed by interface.

With this last news, Domintell accentuates its leadership in terms of lighting management. It is the tenth DIMMER interface in the Domintell range.

Domintell offers solutions for residential and commercial market where home automation is increasingly present. It is the trends of the Internet of Things.

NB: Do not confuse 'DINTDALI01' with DALI01, the power supply of Domintell

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