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Batibouw 2014 stand 202 hall 9

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Domintell will be attending Batibouw 2014 at Brussels Expo from 20 February to 2 March. You will find us at stand 202, hall 9. As in past years, we will be unveiling our latest new products at this event. This year, we will be exhibiting no fewer than six new modules from the Domintell range.

The DPULS01, DMONOELEC01 and DTRIELEC01 modules are part of our consumption management range.

Le DPULS01 interface le BUS domotique à un triple compteur d'impulsion. Il permet de contrôler toutes sortes de consommations. Il est désormais possible de se rendre compte de ses consommations d'eau, de mazout, de gaz, etc..

The DPULS01 connects the home automation BUS to a triple pulse meter and can be used to manage various types of consumption. With this new module, you can now keep track of your water, fuel oil and gas consumption.

The DMONOELEC01 and DTRIELEC01 modules are closely related, but are intended specifically for electricity consumption metering. They are designed for use in single-phase and three-phase electric power set-ups respectively.


The DINTDALI01 module has been designed in response to automation demand from the service sector. It is a lighting system management module based on the DALI protocol. The DINTDALI01 is the latest addition to our variable lighting management range, complementing the DDIM01 and DDMX01 modules.


The DMV01 "Domintell Mechanical Ventilation" module is designed to deliver optimal building ventilation management. It is suitable for use with the CMV or dual-flow ventilation systems fitted to the vast majority of new buildings.



The DALI02 is our latest-generation low-voltage power supply module. As well as providing a controlled 15 V DC power output, the module now comes with added intelligent features, such as its ability to notify the master module of its status.



For more information, come and see us at stand 202, hall 9.


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