Installers are professional and trained



A Domintell installation is the nerve centre of your home. For many years, it will manage the lighting, heating, ventilation, blinds and shutters, videophone, screens and switches. So benefit from energy savings and greater comfort, security and autonomy.

The installation, however, has to be perfect – for which you can count on our installers. Over the years, we have trained over 2,000. We follow them, providing them with effective support and regular updates.

If you don’t know an installer, we can recommend a professional in your area.

If you feel your electrician does not have the necessary competence, forward us his details. We will make contact to inform and perhaps train him.

If you are an installer and would like to work with Domintell, contact us for our free training.

Today, more than one in five new homes are built with home automation.

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